Pueblo por la Playa


The timing of our stay may not qualify as perfect beach getaway, but nonetheless I still feel blessed for that one cloudy day.

Pueblo por la Playa is located at Pagbilao, Quezon. A  a 12.5 hectare Mexican-inspired exclusive leisure club is just a few kilometers away from Lucena City. The club offers a wide array of services and amenities.

Bearing the usual executive services from an exclusive beach club, what really strikes me the most was the Mexican vibe which are made more pronounced by their accommodations. The striking palette ofcolors of the suites as well as the bold furnitures blew me away. It really provoked me to rethink my future dream house. I rendered a consolation by perhaps appointing a certain  space of my future dream house as my own Hualtuco.


Another thing that highlights its architecture was the use of materials, how everything was from seemingly big bulk of rocks and boulders and yet provided so much room. The spaciousness of a room is so undeniable that it seemed to be shameful to actually suggest walls or dividers. I love it!

So more than the memories of the beach, the sand, the infinity pools and the superb food, Pueblo por la Playa gave me a unique gift to bring back to Manila!


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