So I just learned that one of the pillars of my corporate life will be resigning soon.

I’m afraid I’ll soon face the colossal fear that had been successfully tamed in due to his brilliant managerial skills.

This is currently crippling me. I might cry a little, later.


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A Cycle

People who are staying on a crappy relationship and would continually seek people to talk about their demise over and over and over again seemed like a self-asserting mechanism to me. I think they believe that its important for them to impart their heartaches over the same situation for a couple of times– which I also honestly agree actually. I’m just not sure of what to answer to a person who have told me the same story for the nth time.

Sometimes, I see these cases as an unceasing act of finding the most comprehensive explanation of “what has really happened” to them rather than taking concrete actions.