We’re all going to get tanned anyway

I am really planning on buying facial powder. I noticed that my forehead shines so much this past few days. I could not blame virgin oil for that because I put that on my hair, so.

Anyway, I had this funny conversation with Mary Ann this morning, it goes like this:

Me: Meann, do you have powder? Can I have some? My forehead is so freaking shiny.

Meann: So, uhm, shine on!


Yes, darling baby, shine on.


It’s Operations Outing today. Mixed emotions is not healthy in the morning. Or anytime of the day,  I guess. I’m just hopeful that this’ll not suck so much. I am also afraid of what the booze time would bring, I really wish I could hold myself up. Also, I dread VP’s invitations on kayak or rowing etc., the awkwardness would kill me. And don’t even get me started with this being some sort of going-away party for the ones who’ll resign, its breaking my “corporate aspirations”.  I am also not looking forward to being judged and receiving side glances from what I’m wearing. These people are so…capricious. Sometimes, I want to ask them face to face “why are you so fucking judgmental?! Have you all gone tired of being kiss-asses?” Summer Lesson: I would love the sun and the beach if only I’m with the people I really would like to be with.


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